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Kevin Wilson
General Manager
(501) 666-9457

Kevin comes to us with almost two decades of management experience. He is well loved by his employees, both past and present. We are grateful for the wisdom and guidance with which he leads us every day.

Steve Roscoe
General Sales Manager
(501) 666-9457

Steve is a not only familiar face to many of you, but a great friend. He has been part of our family since 1984.

David Wheeler
Sales Manager
(501) 519-7706

After a brief hiatus, David has returned home. He has extensive knowledge of Mercedes-Benz and loves helping clients find the vehicle that is a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

Carey Gavito Jr.
Finance Manager

Carey Gavito Jr. has been in the auto industry for a decade and is one of those rare people who can draw from his own life lessons to benefit others. He truly loves his job and we promise that his excitement and passion for customer service will shine through as he walks you through final steps of your new investment.

Shane Haas
Customer Relations Manager
(501) 722-2043

Shane is one of those people who is always happy and genuinely desires for everyone around her to be happy too. If you come by while suffering from the Poochy Lip Disease, she will make sure that you are cured before you leave!

Paul Donahue
Sales Representative
(501) 240-4892

Paul is our Patriarch. He pre-dates our beginning. Since 1969 to be exact!

Patti Railey
Internet Sales
(501) 607-4072

Patti is truly dedicated to her customers and will stop at nothing to ensure their happiness. She has been a family member since 2001.

Mathew Martindill
Sales Consultant
(501) 539-1227

Many of you will remember Matt's grandfather "Chief" who owned Little Rock Dodge many years ago. He passed his passion for fine cars to Matt and he will certainly pass it on to you!

BJ Henry
Sales Consultant
(501) 744-8268

BJ provides a level of trust and understanding to his customers that is rarely seen and we are proud to work with him.

Jerrold Browning
Internet Sales
(501) 349-2230

Jerrold is no stranger to luxury cars or customer service and a quick search you will find that his 100+ Five Star online reviews say the same thing. We welcomed him home in the summer of 2015.

Joey Sullivan
(940) 613.4139

Joey comes to us from Dallas Tx (we try not hold that against him) where he leaned about serving customers while managing a flagship corporate retail store.

A quick smile and a kind word are always certain when Joey is around and it will only take a few moments to seem like you have known him forever.

Follow him on Instagram @jm_sull

Nathan Thompson
(501) 588-5306

You might have to look pretty hard to find Nathan around the dealership; he is always on the move and we generally just see a blur or catch a breeze as he passes. Customer after customer, he will never stop until he helps them all.

You can follow Nathan on multiple social media platforms for his latest Steal of the Day.



Jeremiah Brown
Service Manager

Allen Blair
Service Advisor
(501) 666-9457

Josh Winegar
Service Advisor

Stephen Robinson
Service Advisor
(501) 660-1222

Kym Phillips
(501) 660-1220

Corey Overton
(501) 666-1240

Corey is a vital part of your experience when you visit the Service Department. He oversees the scheduling of all the Courtesy Vehicles so your daily activities don't have to be put on hold while we take care of your car.

Jacob Gavin



Jeremy Isom
Parts Manager
(501) 660-1239

Jeremy has been with us since 2015, but serving Central Arkansas automotive customers for the last 10 years. In addition to hunting, fishing, and playing softball, he loves spending time with his family and watching his daughter play a variety of sports.

Ricky Pettus
Parts Advisor

Ricky started calling this home in 1983 and his quick smile is always ready as he answers any parts or accesories questions that you might have.

Johnny Perkins
Parts Advisor
(501) 660-1239

Blake Sipes
Parts Advisor
(501) 660-1212