Car Leasing FAQs & Helpful Tips

Have you always wanted to lease a new Mercedes-Benz, but don't know where to begin? The professionals at our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Little Rock have years of experience helping drivers start a lease for the first time. Leasing a car is a fantastic way to drive a new vehicle without a long-term financial commitment, and we have plenty of luxury vehicles for you to choose from at our Arkansas Mercedes-Benz dealer. So, review our car leasing FAQs today, then drop by to chat with our team and start a new Mercedes-Benz lease in a model you love!


How Do I Lease a Car?

If you've been wondering "How do I start a car lease?" just know our Little Rock Mercedes-Benz financing team can guide you through the entire process. You can check out our available inventory online to see which new Mercedes-Benz SUV, sedan or coupe is right for your preferences. Then, meet with our experts to discuss your car payment options and decide on a monthly rate that works for you. We'll help you complete any paperwork and answer all your questions on how to sign a lease, so you can get the keys to your Mercedes-Benz in Arkansas quickly!


Can I Negotiate the Price of a Leased Car?

Yes, you are able to negotiate the price of the vehicle you're interested in. Feel free to meet with our local auto financing specialists to chat more about your price options. We also invite you to check out our new Mercedes-Benz specials in Little Rock before you visit, as these offers provide exceptional prices on some of our most popular models.


Who's Responsible for Servicing a Leased Car?

You are expected to follow your leased vehicle's factory-recommended service intervals over the duration of your lease term. These intervals can be found in your Mercedes-Benz owner's manual, or you can speak with the experts at our Little Rock Mercedes-Benz service center for more information. At the end of your lease period, an inspector will assess your GLC or E-Class lease for excess wear and tear and you will be responsible for repair costs if they're deemed necessary.


Who's Responsible for Insuring a Leased Car?

You are responsible for insuring your leased car. The leasing company will dictate the amount of coverage you need to have for your vehicle.


What Do I Do at the End of My Lease?

When the end of your lease period is approaching, you'll have to decide what you'd like to do next. You can possibly return a lease early, but this may come with an extra fee. Once the lease expiration date rolls around, though, you'll have to determine whether to return it and walk away, finance it to own (or purchase it outright, if possible) or start a new Mercedes-Benz lease in Arkansas. Reach out to our experts far in advance of your lease expiration date so we can help you fully explore your options!


Leasing a Car vs. Buying a Car

One of the key differences in leasing vs. buying a car is that when you lease, you're essentially paying to borrow it for the duration of the lease period. When you finance, you're paying to eventually own the vehicle. Both of these plans come with monthly payments, but leasing payments tend to be lower because you're paying for the estimated depreciation of the car, and not the entire purchase price. Plus, when you lease, you won't be financially committed to that vehicle for years to come. Simply return the keys and hop behind the wheel of a new lease once the lease period is over.

Contact Mercedes-Benz of Little Rock if you have any further questions about how to start a lease or regarding the differences between buying vs. leasing a vehicle. We're here to set you up in a new Mercedes-Benz lease that perfectly suits your preferences and lifestyle, so reach out today or explore our nearby Mercedes-Benz lease specials online to get started!

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